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What is Customer Success?

What do they do?

Customer Success is all about building relationships with customers to help them achieve their desired outcomes with respect to a product or service.

Unlike traditional customer support, which often addresses problems reactively, Customer Success focuses on proactive engagement. The aim is to ensure customers find ongoing value in what a company offers.

Many who move into the field have experience in customer support or account management, leveraging communication and problem-solving skills.

Everyone who runs a company should

employ Customer Success personnel

Customer Success is a career where you can directly impact the customer; a field that values creativity, collaboration, and the desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

We’ll get into the more technical and academic stuff below, but that is the essence of this role, this career. Someone needs to do something and it’s your job to help them be successful. It’s a rewarding endeavor, but it’s not for everyone.

However, everyone who runs a company should employ the talents of Customer Success personnel.

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Why Customer Success?

CS roles are at the front lines of an organization, building meaningful relationships with customers and understanding their needs and pains with respect to the company’s products or services. advocating for their needs and ensuring their feedback shapes future product or service enhancements.

A critical position for any organization.

We’d like to highlight why the profession is so appealing:




Professional Growth

If you’re someone who thrives on creativity, enjoys problem-solving, and has a customer-first attitude, customer success might be the perfect fit for you.

It’s a profession where you can truly

make a difference in someone’s world.

More about Customer Success and the day-to-day responsibilities:

The Day-to-day

Daily responsibilities in customer success can vary depending on the organization and specific role, but here are some common activities:

Customer Check-ins

Updates on progress, address concerns, and new features

Strategic Planning

Analyzing data to identify trends, issues, and opportunities


With Sales, Marketing, Support, and Product teams

Customer Advocacy

Being the customer’s voice inside the organization

Problem Solving

Working with other teams to provide creative solutions


Contract renewals and upselling for continued engagement


Evaluate impact and effectiveness of solution

Staying Current

Continuous skills improvement and solutions knowledge

Customer Management

Managing customer expectations and satisfaction

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