Our Mission

To help people navigate career transitions with confidence and purpose by providing personalized support every step of the way.

Who We Are

We are passionate about helping others improve their lives and advance their careers. With years of experience in Learning & Development, Higher Education, and Career Consulting, we’ve dedicated our careers to helping others achieve their full potential.

At GimmeCredit, we’re more than just colleagues – we’re a tight-knit community of spouses, parents, and friends united by our passion for learning and growth. With diverse backgrounds, from traditional degrees to certificates and memberships, we bring a wealth of experience to the mix. But what truly sets us apart is our shared commitment to lifelong learning and self-improvement.

John’s story

John’s story

Why We Do It

We get energized by seeing people achieve their professional goals, yet recognize the hurdles of modern career shifts. It can be a challenging journey.

Having experienced the satisfaction of helping people navigate career transitions confidently, and drawing upon our time in Learning & Development, Higher Education, and Career Consulting, we’re committed to tackling these challenges head-on.

Steps 1, 2 & 3

How We Do It

Our programs offer a personalized, hands-on approach, featuring tailored learning paths designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge for a successful career transition.

As part of the GimmeCredit membership, our dynamic platform serves as a hub to a vibrant community of fellow members and industry experts, sharing a wealth of resources and forging meaningful connections to navigate a career transition journey with confidence.

HR and Hiring Managers, 

What if we could introduce you to eager candidates who have worked closely with our industry experts and are now verified by GimmeCredit to be ready for your open position?

Please contact us to find out more and we’ll tell you about our program and some of the great people who have partnered with our fantastic experts.