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Learning Industry Report: Learning Sources

Experts recommend informal online programs

We surveyed a group of the Learning Industry’s top experts and received compelling insights into how people can learn about job roles and start a career in the field.

For this article, we’ll focus on where experts suggest people go to find out more about the industry and specific roles.

A majority of participants recommended online programs, with most favoring an informal education setting such as; online courses, workshops, seminars, and/or conferences. Here are some of the top recommended sources:

Industry Organizations:

Industry Brands:

  • Adobe (Support Community) – ask questions, learn from experts and share your knowledge.
  • LinkedIn – a business and employment-focused social media platform.
  • Youtube – a video sharing and social media platform.

Websites – Companies:

Websites – Individuals:

  • Cathy Moore – an internationally recognized training designer.
  • Devlin Peck – a leader and mentor in the instructional design industry.
  • Tim Slade – a speaker, author, and award-winning eLearning designer.

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